Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013...Happy New Year!

2013 is going to be the year I come out of the blog-closet. Which might encourage me to write a little more. I've not made any time bound promises, they never seem to work out, and along that very vein I've held off (it really has taken some effort) till the 2nd of the year to write my first post.

I've been thinking about letting people know I had a blog for a while, it's amazing how different it is telling people you know about something, when it's already out there for anyone in the world to see. I don't plan any kind of blanket advertising campaign. I'll likely just write it in tiny writing in a small corner of facebook. I'm not really hooked up to any other medium in the social networking world, and, having had a recent cull of "friends", I'm not sure my facebook even counts as social anymore. It may have become quite anti-social, with my new strict friend rules. Though how strict friend v not friend is in this kind of a game, is questionable I think. Maybe you have to be everyone's friend if you want to have a well read blog.

Part of me doesn't want anyone to read this, but then clearly, as I have written it, part of me does want people to read it. Mostly, I think, so I'll be guilted into writing more in it.

In preparation for publication I've had a final scan of my friends list, and shown it to my peerie viking, lest he feature, and object. Though I've yet to write anything bad about him. I don't think he found it particularly funny, but then he thinks Harry Hill is funny. I'm happy not to be in the same basket as Harry Hill.

Some delights I think I might write about:

"The next big thing..." have to return the favour from my dad, who named me in his, though I don't have nearly enough substance to answer all the questions.

"Chrismas" or "Christmiss" or..."Christmassing persons..." which are not that funny, and may make light of the situation too much. I might just call it Christmas. Like everyone else.

"New Year Plans"

" "Put your foot in the bag..." a tale of hard sell and customer service from the St Enoch's centre" May need a   snappier title.

"Lucy's Monthly Meltdown"

And something about food...features highly in my life.

That's all I can think for now. Back soon. Soon being quite a wooly expansive kind of timeframe.


  1. Looking forward to 'Just put your foot in a bag' already.....

  2. I, too, look forward to that. Well done god-daughter Lucy. It is well written and interesting. Also bravely honest, which is not an easy thing to do. Keep it up.