Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It's been a while. I started writing again on 24th June apparently (so the draft tells me) I didn't get as far as the publish button. Here's what I had:

"A Brief Interlude.

In the context of the whole history of the world, which happens to be our current context, 8 months can only be referred to as a brief interlude. Thankfully, in terms of Fat Lucy's 1000-mile challenge you haven't missed anything. If you were to analyse my running during this period of absence you'd be forgiven for thinking I'd maybe died, or fallen into a coma, as I appear to have been entirely immobile. And I've gotten even fatter. Which makes the challenge all the more...challengey. It is not quite exactly the direction I took off in, but I am quite bad for getting lost, so I'll put it down to a geographical error, and hope that I can find the right direction soon."

I showed my blog to my littlest brother. He liked it, what little of it there was anyway. I promised him I'd do more. Tomorrow, as usual, lucky there's always another tomorrow.

[6/23/2012 6:24:48 PM] Patrick Ward: Blooooooogggggg
[7/1/2012 12:00:55 PM] Lucy Ward: I know....
 Lucy Ward: I did start a post....
 Lucy Ward: I'm rubbish...
 Lucy Ward: got a few days off this week though, so should get some done

And then he died.

Turns out there wasn't another tomorrow.

So I have started again, broken the ice. Jumped back on the horse? Fallen off/climbed on the wagon? Started the ball re-rolling...

Many things have changed. I'll be back with more, I hope.