Saturday, 1 November 2014

2014, nearly over and out

How annoying, I'd written quite a wee update post, swooshed it down to copy and paste a link and it appears to have disappeared. I clearly don't use the old ipad app often enough to know how to use it properly.


I'll try to recreate it...but I imagine some of the brilliance will be lost.

It's the 1st of November, 2014 is flying by and scarily nearly over. I'm lapping up the cafe culture in Mareel with a peppermint tea, it's been a beautiful day and I've come to town to see fireworks. I love fireworks, mostly I love the bang. The colours are all well and good but I'm in it for the bang. Feeling noise, like the subway rumble, or the bass of the busker man on Sauchiehall St, or when the double bass joins in at a concert, I love that rumbley, grumbley feeling. I used to always wish I had someone to go to the fireworks with, to do that sickening cuddly, hands in pockets, cosy, romantic, movie romance thing. Turns out it's not all that great. So I'm excited to be going by myself. I think I'm still stuck being anxious to please, doing things I want to do feels like I'm imposing myself. Worrying that Viking-boy won't be having fun really takes away from my fun. Not that he'd object, laid back, easy pleased soul that he is. But I worry. So tonight I'm going it alone. Then home for some soup, and bread, and maybe ice cream, or wine...or neither.

I've entered a half marathon in the time I've been away from the ether, in Edinburgh, 31st May 2015. I have a charity place, running for the Mental Health Foundation. I thought the pressure of fundraising might force me to train, and run, and raise cash, for what is of course a great cause. I thought I could have a dual attack of raise cash and awareness - if you don't give me money, you better have a look at your own mental health, or help out someone else. Nothing like a bit of guilt tripping.

That's part one of project kick up da rear, part two has bee a stuttery start but may involve the 5:2 diet. I have intermittent pangs of age awareness, where I feel immensely old (I know, I know, 28...who'd believe it?!) and mortal and vulnerable to ill health. I'm generally fairly healthy, but not helping myself any by lugging around extra lard, and not luggin it very far most days. I watched the "fast diet" programme ( a long while ago and it's been brewing in me since, I did try it for a while and I'm not entirely sure why I stopped, but I did, so I've restarted this past week, we'll see how it goes. I like the idea of the health benefits alongside the weight loss, and it seems fairly easy to stick with. I may update further...